Wylie Varsity Belles


The drill team is a group of high school students chosen through organized, competitive tryouts. The goal of instructional and performance activities is to enha
nce each individual member’s skills and development, resulting in a highly skilled performance group. The objective and purpose of drill team is to create school spirit, pride and loyalty through performances at school games, develop responsibility, teach self-respect and encourage honest effort, develop character while striving for excellence, enhance physical fitness development, and display teamwork through quality performances. Emphasis on sound teaching and learning principles is comparable to that of any other instructional setting. Each team member must be aware of the time commitment and individual dedication required to achieve personal improvement and effective teamwork through responsibility and discipline. Drill team members will demonstrate good citizenship and moral standards and assume responsibility for developing school spirit. Drill team must be a first priority for team members after academics.

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Director-Lindsey Thompson