Transcript Request Form

The legal proof of your high school education is called an official transcript.  A transcript is necessary when applying for college admission/scholarships, applying for jobs, and requesting identification replacement. To request a transcript, please follow the procedures on the Official Transcript Request Form. Copies or duplicates of diplomas are not kept.  The high school transcript is the official record of achievement and the diploma is considered a ceremonial document.

The release of a student transcript requires a signed request from the student (or the parent/legal guardian if the student is less than 18 years old).  A telephone call will not release your records.

Allow 48 hours for a transcript request to be processed.

Official transcripts will be stamped with the high school seal and must be kept in the sealed envelope for the transcript to remain official.

Transcripts can also be delivered electronically through the Texas Records Exchange (TREX) or SendEDU. 

Current Students

Current students must have a completed Official Transcript Request Form which may be downloaded from this site or obtained in the counseling office.  The first ten transcripts are free; any additional are $2.00 each. Return this from to the Wylie High Counseling Office.

Former Students/Graduates 

All records of former students and graduates are housed at the Wylie Administration building.

To request these records:

Mail or deliver completed Transcript Request Form to:

Wylie Administration Building

4134 Beltway So.

Abilene, Texas 79606

or Fax the completed Transcript Request Form  to 325-695-3438 

Special Education Records

SpecialEducation records including IEP's, evaluations and assessments arelocated at the Wylie Student Services Office located at the Wylie Intermediate Campus, 3158 Beltway So., Abilene, Texas, 79606.325-437-2370 or fax 325-437-2373.