Why Take AP Courses

As your son or daughter considers enrolling in AP courses, please think about the following:
  • AP offers 34 courses in 19 fields. Students have an array of opportunities for accomplishment in their areas of strength.

  • 90% of students who take AP courses rank those experiences as the most valuable of their high school studies.

  • AP courses and AP examinations are the equivalent of college courses and examinations. Success on a single AP exam (scores of 3,4, or 5) may mean credit for a one-year course in college.

  • 66% of students nationwide who take AP exams earn a 3 or better.

  • Each Fall over 400,000 students enter college with AP examinations on their records. These students represent about one-third of all freshmen at four-year colleges and universities. Of that number, 32,00 students had enough AP credit to enter college as sophomores; another 1,000 had sufficient credit to enter as juniors.

  • 82% of college admissions officers rated "courses selected" as the most important criterion in admission decisions. GPA/class rank is grossly overrated. Class rank came in 3rd, only three percentage points ahead of "overall grades".

  • Financial need will not prevent a student from taking AP exams. TEA and College Board waivers are available that reduce the cost per exam to $23.00.

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